How might I convey to you

the particular colour of the moon,

as I saw it from seat 20F

last Saturday night on a flight

through a haze above earth.


Available words lack precision

and orange just doesn’t cut it.


Long ago

the word orange defined only the fruit,

and the colour we now know as orange

was yellowred.*


If I suggest other fruit,

or pumpkin,

or coral,

or freshly caught salmon,

you still won’t grasp it.


You will instinctively conjure up

your own version

of tangelo,

or apricot,

or peach

in your mind’s eye.


So ………

how to resolve this descriptive conundrum?


What I saw from my seat

on that palette near heaven,

was, specifically,

Pantone 157.



*Middle English – yelwered

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