poets I’m reading: Nicolette Stasko

After I selected this poem by Nicolette Stasko, I came across a post from Southerly in which Nicolette Stasko interviews Nicolette Stasko featuring Reading in Bed. Enjoy.

Reading in Bed – Nicolette Stasko

I love old books

except when they were owned

by students

and other earnest types

scored in black lines

asking questions that

can never be answered

Wallace Stevens’ Collected

thick cream pages heavy wine

dark cover

filled with bright blue ink


when you open it


Elizabeth Bishop just now

quietly Questions of Travel

each hard gained insight

marked carefully

pencilled comments

so obvious

the poem unable to speak

for itself it seems

whole sections ruled

block wisdom

swallowed like a dose

and delicacy

of line and phrase


I sit here

filling the bed

with eraser crumbs

From: Abundance. Sydney: Angus and Robertson, 1992

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