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poets I’m reading: Loving in Truth by Chris Wallace-Crabbe

From the Australian poet, Chris Wallace-Crabbe, this poem on the transition of time and what remains.  You can listen to him reading it here.


Loving in Truth by Chris Wallace-Crabbe

Someone will push the house over one day,

Some spacedozer give it a shove,

But the cobbles we laid down here in the yard,

These are a labour of love.


All winter we set these cobbles in place,

Or was it the summer as well?

Sorting through lumpy bluestone pitchers

For ones that looked suitable.


The old house decayed – along with us –

Will a strange new resident

Admire the patio made in joy

Wondering what we meant?


Things fall apart, the poet wrote,

Certainties crumble and move

But the cobbles oddly plotted together,

These are our labour of love.


Source: The Poetry Foundation