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poets I’m reading: Night on Hatchet Cove by Denise Levertov

Today, this poem, because sounds and silence.


Night on Hatchet Cove – Denise Levertov

The screendoor whines, clacks

shut.             My thoughts crackle

with seaweed-seething diminishing

flickers of phosphorous.        Gulp

of a frog, plash

of herring leaping;


squawk of a gull disturbed, a splashing;


while silence poises for the breaking

bark of a seal: but silence.


only your breathing. I’ll

be quiet too. Out

stove, out lamp, let

night cut the question with profound

unanswer, sustained

echo of our unknowing.


From Psyche. The Feminine Poetic Consciousness. An Anthology of Modern American Women Poets. Editors – Barbara Segnitz and Carol Rainey. Dell Publishing, New York. 1973