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Sri Lankan inspired haiku


along Galle Face Walk

umbrellas shelter couples

snuggling in the heat.


woman crosses road,

hand raised to oncoming bus,

– Colombo traffic.


men walk slowly in

a funeral procession

from the Galle Fort Mosque


preparing Koththu,

cutting up vegetables,

chopping roti strips.


Sri Lankan road rules.

vehicles take up road space

in pincer movements.


signs on the rail line

– lack of metal, weak sleepers –

reduce engine speed

Myanmar inspired haiku



in the evening at

the Shwedagon Pagoda

women sweep in lines.


across Myanmar

gold htis adorn pagodas,

precious parasols.


from her cafe seat

the Shih Tzu in the pink dress

barks at the street dogs.


on a Yangon street

men adjust their longyi knots

catching a warm breeze.


Myanmar women

decorate their faces with

yellow thanaka.