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libraries and nectarines

Often it’s the work and writing prompts of others that help some rubber hit the road. Yesterday, Maya Stein posted this.

I love this piece, [Divorce and Astronauts] from Rattle, by Jesse Valentine. I love the idea of two disparate subjects coming together under the roof of a poem. […] So today’s writing challenge is this: Think of two wildly different topics, and use writing to marry them.

I can’t wait to see what others came up with when Maya posts their contributions. Here’s my marriage of libraries and nectarines.


libraries and nectarines

In the language of librarians,

it’s serendipity when something of value,

either hidden in a book stack or languishing on shelves,

is fortuitously unearthed.

Call it what you will, it’s an aptitude, a knack.


In the kitchen,

a discovery of a different kind.


Granted, a less cerebral sighting than an academic find

but, it was, nevertheless, accidental.

Happenstance, if you will.


The clue, a party of fruit flies.


In the bowl, tucked behind the ginger,

nestled beside bananas,

the nectarines, bruised yet redeemable,

had passed their sweet spot.


As a happy researcher might fuss

over moth-eaten papers found in a library,

and feast on the miracle of newly found treasure,

I took delight in a more short-lived preservation.


The nectarines, rinsed, cut, stewed,

and accompanied by ice-cream,

were consumed with equal enthusiasm.



snippets from a writing workshop

With grateful thanks to Naomi Shihab Nye, whose playful writing prompts, in a recent workshop I was fortunate to attend, brought home the lesson that “when you’re relaxed and open, more comes through the door”. Here’s what emerged out of “chunks and nuggets with no intention”.


What is God anyway?

I heard an owl hoot last night.

I know, right?


It turns out that the long line in the bookstore

was really for the bathroom.


Never use a suitcase as a step up

when you’re painting the walls in your house.

This applies, even if you find yourself without

ladder, trestle or plank.

FYI. This advice increases exponentially

with the number of suitcases

you might be considering using.