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poets I’m reading: Objects by Zbigniew Herbert

So much poetry to discover.  Finding ‘new’ poems is as random as selecting which rabbit hole to go down, deciding which names to explore and connections to make.

In the last poets I’m reading post, Rosemary Dobson’s work Over the frontier was tagged as a reverie on a poem by Zbigniew Herbert. I have no idea which poem was Dobson’s reference, but I particularly liked this one of his.


Objects – Zbigniew Herbert

Inanimate objects are always correct and cannot,

unfortunately, be reproached with anything. I have never

observed a chair shift from one foot to another, or a bed

rear on its hind legs. And tables, even when they are

tired, will not dare to bend their knees. I suspect that

objects do this from pedagogical considerations, to

reprove us constantly for our instability.